What places did King Charles III of England visit on his 5 visits to Mexico?

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Visits of King Carlos III to Mexico
Campeche, one of the 5 visits of King Carlos. Photo: British Embassy in Mexico

Not only Elizabeth II, who was the longest-lived monarch in the world, was several times our countrybut also his son, now turned into the king charles iii, toured different destinations in Mexico. Since the last century, Charles of England, then called Prince of Wales, began his encounter with Mexican culture attracted by the Mayan and pre-Hispanic heritage. During these visits and in his dealings with the Mexicans, contrary to what is said of the British, he showed his fun side and even his dancing skills. In Unotv.com we make you this count of the five Visits of the new monarch of the United Kingdom to Aztec lands.

2014: cakes, trajinera and dance

This visit of the now King Charles III of England was full of multiple anecdotes; he traveled to Mexico accompanied by his wife Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, and his arrival at CDMX He was received by the then Foreign Minister of Mexico, José Antonio Meade.

Later, he traveled by bus to the state from Hidalgo to visit the Magical Town of Real del Monte; there, he had a very busy day: he was in the English pantheon, today considered a World Heritage Site; he witnessed an Anglican ceremony; he placed a floral offering on the grave of John Vial, an English soldier who participated in the First World War.

In the historical Center from the town, the couple learned about some traditions that Mexicans carry out to celebrate their dead, such as an altar, and listened to huapangos, which moved the Duchess of Cornwall; she also watched a prehispanic dance. Her tour included a visit to a high school, where she met with students, watched soccer practice, and then visited the Pasta Museumwhere, even, he elaborated one of these traditional pieces inherited from the first Englishmen who were in Pachuca.

In the CDMX the now king charles iii toured the Xochimilco area, got on a trajinera and toured the Atlapulco area to visit the chinampera area; Later, she visited the Dolores Olmedo Museum in the southern area of ​​the capital, and in the afternoon she held a National Palace a reception and lunch with the eThen president of the country, Enrique Peña Nieto.

During the afternoon he visited the Old Palace of San Ildefonso to celebrate the beginning of 2015, the year of the United Kingdom in Mexico.

On the third day of his visit, the now King Carlos III toured Campechewhere he saw the Mayan archaeological zone of Edzná, the Justice Center for Women of the State of Campeche, the Petenes Biosphere Reserve and the city center. At this last point he watched a folk dance and was invited to dance, and he did not hesitate to raise his handkerchief.

The fourth day of the visit of the now monarch of the United Kingdom, was in the city of Monterey, where they were received by the governor; They toured some tourist spots such as Fundidora Park, Paseo Santa Lucía and the ALFA planetarium, they also held a meeting on the rescue of Monterrey’s historic sites, and held meetings with businessmen and students.

2002: Monarch butterfly, Port of Veracruz and CDMX

During this trip, the then Prince Charles, Duke of Wales, was in March 2022 because he was a special guest for the centenary of the modernization of the port of Veracruz; there he toured some terminals of the port, a son jarocho singer dedicated some verses to him and he did not miss the traditional visit to the La Parroquia cafeteria; later he visited Xalapa, where he was fascinated by the monumental heads that houses the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa and some units of the University of Veracruz.

On this visit he also made a tour of the city of Puebla where, according to newspapers of the time, he would tour the Cathedral, the Palafoxiana Library and have a meeting at Casa Juconi, an institution for street children formed by Mexicans and British and to which he made a donation.

He was also visiting the Former Mining Palace in CDMX, where he was received by the then rector of the UNAM, he met with businessmen and took a tour of the Historic Center of the capital.

The now King Carlos III visited the monarch butterfly area. Photo: Cuartoscuro

An emotional encounter was his visit to Zitacuaro, Michoacan, where he was in the sanctuary of Sierra Chincua, Michoacán, place of the monarch butterfly, accompanied by the governor, the head of Semarnat and other officials. We must not forget that his father, Prince Felipe, supported the fight against conservation, logging and deforestation in the area. The now King Carlos III later attended a private meal prepared by his countrywoman Diana Kennedy, promoter of Mexican culture and who prepared the food taking into account the tastes of the now King Carlos III; Later, the entourage went to the Church of San Francisco de Asís in Coatepec.

That night, Carlos III went to Los Pinos for a dinner organized by the then President of the Republic, Vicente Fox.

The other visits of King Carlos III

According to the pink press and information from various print media and from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, King Charles III of England made other visits to Mexico in the years 1993, 1970 and 1966in these meetings, in addition to the Mexico City, was in Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Acapulco.

1993: Oaxaca and Guadalajara

In 1993, according to the magazine vanities, the then Prince Carlos went to Mexico, at the invitation of the then President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The royal He was in oaxaca and traveled to the mountains to meet some farmers; In the same way, he knew the cochineal process and some publications on the internet mention that he visited some mezcal production sites.

They also mention that he visited Guadalajara and donated some apartments in Loma Dorada for those people who had lost everything due to an explosion on April 22, 1992.

1970: Acapulco stomps and runs

This is one of the least mentioned of King Carlos III’s visits to our country: he made it to the port of Acapulcor, when he was 22 years old, and where he enjoyed the sand and sun of the beaches of Guerrero.

1966: knowing the pre-Hispanic culture

At the age of 18, the then Prince Charles made his first visit, which was in August 1966: he visited, among other places, the Anthropology National Museum because I wanted to know more about the Mexican culture; According to the press of the time, she was extremely interested in knowing, especially, the Mayan culture.

The chronicles of the time indicate that his tour of the National Museum of Anthropology caused shouting among the fifteen-year-olds, who were waiting for him at the entrance.

also met Teotihuacan and climbed the pyramids; In addition, he was at a meal where there was a Mexican atmosphere, jaripeo, and he ate pork rinds, barbecue, tacos and fresh water. He was accompanied at all times by an aide and an officer from Scotland Yard, according to journalistic testimonies.