what it is, what it is for and what happens if you use it on a Telcel, Movistar or AT&T cell phone in Mexico

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We already told you before that Mexicans speak on average 3 hours 20 minutes and consume 5.5GB per month, this according to IFT data. The approximately 209 minutes spent on average on calls correspond to 4.1% less than in 2021, while the use of data increased by 11.8% annually. In a nutshell, Mexicans are talking less and surfing the Internet more and more.

But even if phone calls are used less and less, it is possible that they can spy on you by diverting your calls without you realizing it. This can cause fraud or extortion like those of the so-called “mountain debts”.

Fortunately there is a very simple way to prevent them from diverting our calls using a code from our own cell phone. Here we are going to tell you what ##002# is and how it works to be sure that no one has activated call forwarding and can use it to spy on us.

What are forwarding calls and how do we find out if they have been activated for us?

Call forwarding is a function that all smartphones include and whose purpose is to make it easier for us to take incoming calls by configuring one or more numbers from where we can answer calls.

The problem comes when this function can be used to spybecause anyone could activate call forwarding and you would not realize it.

To find out if call forwarding is active and what number is associated, we can type from our smartphone in the app “Telephone” the following code: *#twenty-one#, press the call button and wait for the system to show us a message. If there are active diversions, it will show us what they are and if there are not, the message will simply show that “has not been submitted.”

What is the code ##002# and what is it for?

As in other functions that are used, for example, to find out our cell number by typing a GSM code, we can deactivate all call forwarding even if you or someone else activated it, just by using the code ##002#.

Works with any cell phone Android or iOS and you will not have to configure anything or install third-party programs.

To use the code ##002# we just have to open the app “Telephone”type the code, press the call button and wait for the system to show us the message “Call Forward Cleared Successfully”. Since the action is done automatically, there will be no need to do any extra steps.

Call forwarding

As you can see, doing this takes a couple of seconds and allows us to deactivate suddenly all the calls that could have had an active diversion, in this way we will prevent anyone from spying on our calls. Also remember that you can remove the voicemail notification on your smartphone in a simple way so that it doesn’t bother us anymore.