What is Ultracol, the latest in facial rejuvenation through aesthetic medicine

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To be safe, painless and effective, let it remain natural, let it not be noticed, let it be little invasive and that recovery period is minimal. These are the characteristics we look for when becoming an aesthetic touch up. And we are becoming more and more because, according to data from the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Men represent 28% of aesthetic medicine consumers.

At present, the botox Y hyaluronic acid They are the most demanded materials to keep the face young and attractive. But a new sheriff has just arrived in the city and Dr. Ángel Martín, medical director of Clínica Menorca (, is the first to incorporate it into your query. Is named ultracoly is about the first iinjectable made with liquid polydioxanonea synthetic and resorbable polymer that induces the synthesis of collagen and helps to restore the natural volumes of the skin. As the doctor himself explains to us, “Ultracol is a great advance in aesthetic medicine for the facial rejuvenation why offers more safety and better results with fewer side effects and fewer sessions, so the costs for the patient are lowered”.

The polydioxanone threads (PDO) have been used for four decades as a suture in the most delicate surgeries, such as ophthalmic, cardiac or fetal. About 15 years ago, aesthetic doctors realized that they were also capable of biostimulating the skin and thus the tensing threads were born. The problem is that, until now, PDO could only be found as monofilament yarns. But biotechnology has succeeded in reducing the size of the polymer to injectable microspheres that are safer and more they have the same efficiency as 1400 threads.

More advantages of Ultracol: PDO microspheres offer a very high biocompatibility with the skin, so they do not generate rejection, and their absorption period is very short, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment and minimizes the risk of suffering adverse reactions, such as the appearance of nodules, granulomas or inflammation. In addition, the body metabolizes polydioxanone by hydrolysis and eliminates it naturally.

Each Ultracol vial contains two million PDO microspheres, injected into the subcutaneous tissue and can be applied to any area of ​​the face (forehead, periocular area, nasolabial folds). At the end of the protocol, it already shows an improvement in both the appearance of the skin and skin tone and a lifting effect very natural. At 15 days the stimulation of the collagen synthesis and, after four weeks, the increase in facial volumes can be clearly seen. The results last between four and six months and the price is around €700.


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