What is the “face with the hand over the eyes” emoji used for?

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  • In Mexico alone, it is estimated that just over 7 million Internet users have a profile on the platform. WhatsApp.

  • This app has positioned itself as the leading instant messaging platform within the new normality, with more than 2 billion active users in the world.

  • Emojis have become part of a modern language of symbols, which seeks to streamline instant messaging even more.

Messaging apps are today one of the main tools within the new normality, due to the growing number of active Internet users within the network and the immediacy that digital conversation offers to maintain a fast, efficient and continuous interaction; however, within platforms like WhatsApp there are other complementary languages, formed mainly by emoji, which are commonly used to exemplify certain comments, although for many the meaning of them is unknown and they use emotions in the wrong way, such is the case of the symbol of “face with hand over eyes”.

WhatsApp It is one of the main instant messaging applications within the new normality. According to the MX Internet Associationthe platform has just over 78 million users, just within the national territory, while worldwide it has just over 2 billion users, compared to the more than 1.3 billion recorded by the platform Messenger or the 700 million active users per month of Telegram.

However, part of the growth within these applications is due to the fact that, through them, million entrepreneurs and companies have sought to place themselves within the taste of consumers, during the past year it was announced that WhatsApp Business had at least 50 million companies registered worldwide, pointing out the importance of digital and instant communication in normal consumption.

WhatsApp; true meaning and use of emoji “face with hand over eyes”

Despite the growing popularity of emojis in conversations in messaging applications, sometimes the meaning of some of them is unknown to many, which causes it to be misusedsuch is the case of the “face with the hand over the eyes” emoji, whose official name is “greeting face” which was authorized by unicode in 2021, so by September of the same year, this symbol was available for use on platforms like WhatsAppFacebook,Twitter,Instagram among others for both users and operating systems such as iOS and Android.

For many users, this yellow emoji, with a hand over the eyes and a serious face, represents a person looking in the distance, so its use can exemplify conversations where phrases such as “let’s see”, “I saw you in the distance” are used among other references, depending on the context and the conversation; however, according to the web portal Emojipediathis symbol mostly exemplifies a court-martial salutewhich is associated with military salutes or weigh-ins related to military regimes.

So the martial salute emoji can be used as a formal introduction, respectful greetings or when receiving some instruction, but this was not the only case, in which users have given a different meaning to the symbols, since In recent months, a debate was generated on networks about the true meaning of joined hands, which for many meant the sign of “pray” so its creators had to declare that the emoji means “please” or “thank you”.

Knowing the meaning of the symbols used in the digital conversation allows Internet users to improve the effectiveness of communication, to expand their meaning, and in addition to the “real” meaning, a popular meaning is added.

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