What is the best Bluetooth speaker on Amazon?

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Bose Sound LinkMicro. (Photo: Amazon)

Find one on Amazon bluetooth speaker It can become quite a complicated task: there are so many (so many) options that finding the ideal model seems difficult. To make things easy for you (very easy) today we are going to talk to you about a real best seller, one of the best-selling equipment in the electronic giant’s showcase and that accumulates the best ratings (5 out of 5 stars, no more no less). And on top of that, today it’s on sale, what more do you want?

Bose SoundLink Micro, small in size but big in sound

If you were looking for a small, powerful speaker that also resists everything, today you are in luck. Turns out the Bose SoundLink Micro It is one of the best options that you can choose, because it brings together all these characteristics in a body that is also elegant and attractive at the level of design.

Its compact dimensions make it ideal for carrying, and it also has a flexible rear clip (made of resistant silicone) that allows you to attach it to a backpack or even the handlebar of a bicycle without problems. This coupled with his great resistance (withstands water, dust, extreme temperatures and other liquids, boasting IP67 certification, as well as drops and bumps) makes the SoundLink Micro a good investment for those who like to take their music everywhere and usually take walks on Exterior.

Bose SoundLink Micro - Image: Amazon

Bose Sound LinkMicro. (Photo: Amazon)

Bose claims that the speaker is capable of producing a loud and clear sound with deep bass, integrating a uniquely designed transducer and passive radiators for balanced sound. Want even more power? Get more than one and pair them, thus achieving a small and simple surround system depending on where you place them.

As for the battery, this Micro will make you enjoy up to 6 continuous hours of music, being able to charge it at any time via a micro USB cable (included in the box) and if you wonder if it allows control from a cell phone, we confirm that it does, through an app called Bose Connect, where you can customize it and activate its functions.

As a last detail to highlight (but not least), note that the speaker comes with a integrated microphone that allows you to make calls directly from the speaker (in addition to receiving them hands-free), while an integrated multifunction button will give you access to your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Back to its historical low

If you are already clear that this is the equipment you need, you should know that you have it now with discount, also enjoying in the case of Amazon Mexico the historical minimum price. On you also have it with a significant sale, so you just have to choose your store and buy it before the promotion disappears – we don’t think it will last long at that price.

Available in several colors, it’s already taking time to brand new Bluetooth speaker!

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