What is better for health: coffee or tea?

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Maggie Hegyi says that for many people it is important to start the day with a coffeebut there are others who do it with a tea and here the question arises: which is better for health?

hegyi mentions that before entering fully with the discussion if it is better the coffee either tea, you have to know some of their properties and differences.

Properties and benefits of coffee and tea

The coffee It has caffeine and tea contains theine, the latter is absorbed more slowly in the body. Another difference is the energy they can provide, for example: the coffee gives you more energy but it goes away faster and the tea It is progressive and lasting.

Another difference is that with the coffee we can appreciate 600 varieties of flavors and smells and with the tea there is more of 3 thousand varieties.

And among the benefits of coffee and caffeine is that they increase physical performance, contain special nutrients and could prevent type 2 diabetesas mentioned by Institute of Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC).

Among the benefits of tea are: collaborates with weight loss, some types of tea could prevent cancerpreventing oxidative damage to cells, which generates cancer and may also prevent heart disease, because some types of tea They lower bad cholesterol.

To end, Maggie Hegyi points out that both tea As the coffee They offer a lot of benefits, but if you look at what you want to achieve, the choice will be easy.

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