What is behind the A plus category for doctors?

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The medical unions have raised their voices to consider a new higher professional category, called plusgiven the possible escalation of Nursing to A1. The proposal has not been well received by the nurses who, in their opinions on social networks, consider this change completely “unnecessary” and view with suspicion the intentions that are “hidden” behind this motivation. They believe that it is the result of “considering that these professionals they are below or at their command”, but the specialists state that it is only a question of “recognizing the demands of the different formations”.

After consulting with our readers on the social networks of Medical Writing, there are many who have sent their opinions on this proposal. “Somewhere must be rewarded the 360 ​​credits of Medicine compared to 240 Nursing“, they allege. However, the health workers complain that this change is considered just when they are the ones who could receive the new certification and brand the doctors as “classists” for spending years sharing a category with “other four-year university studies , such as Law or Biology” and not having shown discontent at any time.

“The years of study should make a difference,” says a specialist. While another supports the message by adding that beyond the years of study and residency, the workload of doctors and nurses is not the same. “It’s fair. Not only because it’s the only degree of 6 years (360 ects), plus an exam MIR, plus 4-5 specialization. Also because of the level of responsibility of a doctor.”

A classification resulting from the change in Nursing

In this sense, a health worker explains that she could agree with the measure, but disagrees, considering that it was born solely as a result of the possible change for Nursing. “It smells bad that you come up with this idea when these professionals ask to be A1. Other grades are already A1 and it had not occurred to you to create a higher category.”

While the doctors, in general, point out that this proposal is “common sense” and even believe that it is a measure that “should have been taken a long time ago”, the nurses They believe that there is a certain “phobia” towards them and that the only thing that is generated with this is that the “system is increasingly pyramidal”.

Matching titles

“If they go up to some, they will have to go up to others”, sentenced in this regard the president of CESM, Thomas Toranzowho considers that keep doctors in an A1 pay range in which Nursing is also found “would generate a conflict that would have to be resolved”, thus taking up a claim that was already made in the past.

Toranzo, who in any case stressed the need to improve the remuneration of the nursing group, stressed that the conflict arose as a result of the comparison, in a university degree, of previously ‘differentiated’ professions such as those of Nursing and Medicine. “That they change your name and you are graduated or licensed does not change the functions of each one, nor their competences or their responsibilities”, he alleged in statements to Medical Writing.

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