What is arthralgia, one of the side effects of covid vaccines

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Preparation of a dose of the covid vaccine in Colombia

Preparation of a dose of the covid vaccine in Colombia

At the end of 2022 it was two years since he injected himself the first dose of covid vaccines in Spain. With the vaccination process in the fourth dose, there are more and more studies on the side effects caused by coronavirus vaccines.

One of those most common adverse events that the Pfizser and Moderna mRNA vaccines have left us is arthralgia. This is a recurring side effect whose first cases were known during the summer of 2021, but they are not serious episodes.

Arthralgia: symptoms and how to treat it

Arthralgia is the technical word for joint pain that can be accompanied by swelling and redness of the skin. Its causes: from trauma to other diseases such as measles or the common flu.

After several episodes, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has included arthralgia in the list of side effects that can develop after receiving one of the doses of the covid vaccine. General disorders such as fever or pain at the point where the vaccine is received continue to be the most reported, followed by headaches, dizziness and finally muscle and joint pain.

Some of the signs that people with arthralgia present are the following:

  • Inflammation in the joints.

  • Elevated temperature in the area.

  • Sensitivity.

  • Redness in the area of ​​pain.

  • Pain when doing physical activity.

Arthralgia is usually controlled with analgesics, corticosteroids or antibiotics, although therapeutic massages in the affected areas or physical activity may also be recommended.


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