What Happens When the Transmission Temperature Light Comes On on Your Car’s Dashboard

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normal transmission temperature it is between 347 and 437 degrees fahrenheit. It is in super healthy condition when operating at 347°F or below. Remember that for every 20 degrees past 437 degrees, you’ll get half the normal life out of your gearbox.

When the warning light the transmission in the car dash is on, indicates that the fluid temperature has reached at least 437°F. At this point, the fluid begins to break down, reducing gearbox life as a side effect.

If you keep driving with the light on, the temperature will keep rising. It will be a disastrous situation if it crosses 450 degrees. The fluid will completely break down at this stage and the transmission will stop working. Therefore, continuing to drive with the transmission temperature light on may lead to an accident due to car breakdown and expensive repair work.

What to do when the warning light is on?

You have to park somewhere and wait a while for the transmission to cool down. Then start again but with caution. If the light comes back on, stop the car, let the gearbox fluid cool, and then take the car to a repair shop.

How do you know if the transmission is overheating?

A hot transmission discharges a kind of sweet smell. Sometimes the warning light may not come on, but if you smell anything out of the ordinary, stop the car. Start the trip after a while when you think the liquid temperature has returned to normal.

Another way to discover the problem is to check the transmission fluid. Unlike motor oil, it is not burned by driving the car. So a low fluid level is an indication of some problems. If you find it black or darker than the normal color, that’s a sure way to tell that the transmission is overheating.


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