What functions will Camila Parker-Bowles have as queen consort after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England

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After the death of the Queen isabel IIher son Charles of Wales, heir to the throne, will succeed her as King of the United Kingdom, what converts to Camilla of Cornwall in queen consort.

The first marriage of the already King Charles III of the United Kingdom was with Diana of Wales, better known as Lady Di, with whom he had two children. After her death in a famous car accident, Carlos de Gales remarried for the second time, with the then known as Camila Parker Bowles.

After the marriage, there was speculation about the possibility that, in the event that Carlos became king, his wife would not be appointed as queen consort, some doubts that were dispelled by Elizabeth II herselfwho confirmed on the day of the Platinum Jubilee his wish for Camilla of Cornwall to become queen consort.

“When, in the fullness of time, my son Carlos becomes king, I know that they will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that they have given me, and it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla is known as queen consort while continuing her own loyal service,” Elizabeth II was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

What is a queen consort? These are their functions

A king or queen consort is one who comes to the throne by marriage to the queen or heir king, that is, is the husband or wife of the monarch who is in the service.

Its main function is to provide support in their tasks to the king or queen during their legacy. In fact, they do not have established functions, obligations and responsibilitiesunlike the monarch.

However, the king or queen consort ends up assuming an important role during the reign of their husband or wife, since they usually accompany them to the vast majority of public acts, trips and official events.

Even, in many cases, the spouse attends events in which his or her husband or wife is not present, since it removes the workload from the monarch who is reigning at that moment, assuming his own responsibilities that actually belong to his husband or wife.

Some of the most outstanding consort kings, due to the fact that they had a great role in the country during their permanence on the throne, have been:

  • Prince Albertwho was prince consort to Queen Victoria.
  • Philip of Edinburghwho was king consort for almost 70 years, in the reign of Elizabeth II.