What did Chris Rock say again about Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars?

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“(Will) showed us that he’s just as disgusting as the rest of us,” he said. comedian Chris Rock referring again to the slap he received from actor Will Smith, during the Oscars, last March 27th.

It was at his presentation in the arena The O2 in London, England, when Chris Rock He touched on the subject again, when just in the month of August he revealed that he would not be the presenter of the 2023 edition of the Oscar Awards.

According to British media, the comedian responded to Dave Chappelleduring the show in London, that Will Smith she hit him for a dumb prank, plus it was one of the nicest things she’s ever done.

“That asshole hit me for a prank e$”%#&. It was one of the nicest jokes I ever made. Will interpreted to a perfect person for 30 years, and, suddenly, he ripped off his mask and showed us that he is just as unpleasant as the rest of us. And beyond the consequences of what he did, I just hope he doesn’t put on that mask again and let his true face breathe.”

Chris Rock.

Chris Rock turns down hosting at the Oscars

During a comedy set at the Arizona Financial Theater in Phoenix, ArizonaLast Sunday, August 28, the 57-year-old actor compared returning to the Oscars with returning to the scene of a crime, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper.

In justifying his decision to decline the Academy’s invitation, Chris Rock made one reference to murder trial by OJ Simpson in 1995, noting that it would be like asking the late nicole brown simpson “to go back to the restaurant” where her mother had left a pair of glasses the night of her death.

According to the statements of the actor from series such as “Everybody hates Chris“, the blow of the actor and rapper continues to hurt him almost six months after what happened, alluding to his role as Muhammad Ali. “He is bigger than me. The state of Nevada would not sanction a fight between will smith and me,” he joked.