what are you doing now; Get to know the trajectory of the Mexican soap opera heartthrob

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With more than 20 years of experience, Jorge Salinas has become an icon of Mexican soap operas;  in addition to works in the cinema such as “Sex, modesty and tears”.
With more than 20 years of experience, Jorge Salinas has become an icon of Mexican soap operas. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

The TV soaps They are one of the most demanded products in Mexico, based on the dramas and social schemes that are part of Mexican culture and daily life; The country has become not only a producer, but also one of the most important countries in its export, points out the thesis “Television as cultural consumption in Mexico: the case of soap operas”, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

As one of the most popular products, soap operas have also had their actors exponents of this genre on the small screen, as Jorge Salinas, famous heartthrob in productions such as “Morelia”, “Fire in the blood”, “The ways of love” and “Three women”, among others. But what has become of the Mexican actor?

Who is Jorge Salinas?

Jorge Salinas PerezMexican actor, better known as Jorge Salinas, was born on July 27, 1968 in the Mexico City.

“Cadenas de amargura”, produced by Carlos Sotomayor in 1991, was Jorge Salinas’ first telenovela, where he shared credits with Daniela Castro and Raúl Araiza; same year he was part of the cast of “Valeria and Maximiliano”.

From there the successes continued, year after year, for Jorge Salinas, in telenovelas such as:

  • grandpa and me” – 1992
  • magical youth” – 1992
  • Two women, one path” – 1994
  • my dear elizabeth” – 1997
  • Three women” – 1998
  • You are my Destiny” – 2000
  • Marian of the night” – 2003

Jorge Salinas in the movies

Although he was a leading man in soap operas, Jorge Salinas was also part of the cast in feature films such as “Sexo, modesty and tears”, together with Susana Zavaleta, Demian Bichir and Cecilia Suareza film that had a great reception in Mexican movie theaters, and that collected more than 100 million pesos at the box office.

Within the seventh art, he had performances in:

  • loves dogs” – 2000
  • the cannibal’s daughter” – 2003
  • my little big man” – 2018
  • Sex, modesty and tears 2” – 2022

Jorge Salinas today

Jorge Salinas he is married with fellow actress Elizabeth Álvarez, with whom he had an affair for several years before revealing their relationship, and later marriage in October 2011, and fathered Máxima and León. Gabriella (1995), Jorge Emilio and Santiago (2005), are also children of the actor.

this 2022the actor revealed that he suffered from such severe pain in his back that even the morphine patches did not work.

After several falls on his motorcycle and many others on horseback, last year he underwent a hip surgery, later he would have to have surgery on his spine. For work reasons, she had agreed with her surgeon to perform it in December. Years ago, due to his health problems, he was transferred in a wheelchair.

The latest works of the Mexican soap opera heartthrob are “SOS I’m falling in love” (2021) and “Amores que deceive” (2022).