What are the electrical appliances that spend the most light?

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What are the electrical appliances that spend the most light?
What are the electrical appliances that spend the most light? Photo: Getty Images

An important part of our cElectric power consumption (light) monthly depends on the home appliances that we have at home, such as the fridge or the washing machine, therefore, here at we tell you what are the household appliances consume more light inside your house.

What are the electrical appliances that spend the most light?

Although no household appliance represents a large consumption of electrical energy itselfbut overall those that spend the most electrical energy, represent 44% of the total amount that arrives on the electricity bill.

The fridge

The fridge is one of the household appliances that consumes more light during the month, with an approximate consumption of 250 to 500 W per hour, reaching up to 30.6% of total consumption electricity in our homes. It is important to open it only when necessary and never forget to close the door.


Television consumes about a 12.2% of total energy expenditurewhich can reach 115W in the case of a LCD screenas well as 300W in case you have one plasma screen.

Considering this great expense of electric powerIt is important don’t leave it on when no one is watching and unplug it instead of leaving it in standby mode.

Appliances can consume a lot of light. Photo: Getty Images


This appliance can consume up to 11.8% of electricity consumption of your home, consuming 255 W per hour. If you want to save electricity when using the washing machine, you should always wash with a full load and cold waterthus reducing the unnecessary consumption of electricity.


A computer in your home consume monthly the 7.7% electrical energy. To reduce this expense you can dim lighting of the screen and keep all items unplugged electrical devices that you are not using, such as speakers or printer.


The microwave OwenEven if you don’t use it very often, It is one of the ones that spend the most lightsince it consumes between 800 and 1,200 W per hour.

How to save light at home?

If you want save light on appliances that consume more energyfollow these recommendations:

  • Forget about the love of your old gadgets and replaces those that don’t work well.
  • uses multicontact to shut off power to multiple appliances at once, so you don’t have to unplug them.
  • Check that your appliances have the energy efficiency labeling (FIDE Seal), a seal that guarantees that they have technology that reduces light consumption.
  • take care of state of your plugs so they don’t get overloaded.
  • check your electrical installation twice a year to avoid energy leaks that increase your electricity consumption.

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