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WhatsApp is working on a feature to replace the profile picture with a custom avatar

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most sought after messaging service by users around the world. constantly performs updates and improvements to meet the needs of its consumers and give them different tools to entertain themselves and communicate. Now, he decided to bet on a new function that will allow replace the traditional profile picture with an avatar.

Mark Zuckerberg’s app will add a new feature to its long list of tools: customize an avatar to use as a profile picture. As specified by the specialized site WABetaInfo Currently this update is under development, this means that it is not yet available. However, already some of the characteristics that it will have. The option will be called ‘avatar profile picture’ and will be available in the settings section.

With the update you can change the traditional profile picture and instead use an avatar

With the update you can change the traditional profile picture and instead use an avatar

They may be used as a mask while making video calls through the application and also as stickers to share in chats. However, you will have another option that will surely become the favorite of many: will be able to replace the traditional profile picture.

In turn, the update will be a new entertainment tool for Meta users. You will not have to use a default avatar, but each one can customize it according to your preferences. when doing click in “create your avatar” you can choose the color of hair, eyes, clothes and even the background color. The option will be available in WhatsApp beta for, Android, iOS and Desktop.

The avatar can be created from the application (Photo: WABetainfo)

The avatar can be created from the application (Photo: WABetainfo)

It should be remembered that the feature is still under development and it is unknown when it will be available to users. However, there are several applications to create them and have fun trying out different clothing and hairstyle styles.

Likewise, applications like Snapchat or Instagram also have it among their options, to use them in the meantime.

WhatsApp: how to delete duplicate contacts in 5 simple steps

If you have the same contact added twice or more to your cell phone, and this creates a conflict when you send a message on WhatsApp or call that person because you don’t know what the correct number is, we give you a solution.

With an application you can listen to the written messages that arrive by WhatsApp

How to remove duplicate WhatsApp contacts

Mobile devices come every day with a larger storage capacity that allows you to store more information. In the case of contacts, quite a few can be added and this means that, sometimes, those that are no longer needed are not deleted. If your phone is Android, this information will be quite useful for you.

How to remove duplicate contacts

  • open the toContact application which is already predetermined by your cell phone.

  • Login to email. We recommend that it be the one the smartphone is configured with

  • Next, open the options panel on the left and enter the Suggestions menu

  • In case there are duplicate contacts, a card will appear indicating what they are and in what they are repeated

  • Click on the card to combine the contacts, select the ones you want to delete and they will be automatically deleted

If the above didn’t work for you, you can install a cleaning app called Cleanerwhich will allow you to remove duplicate information.


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