Well-known seer assures that BTS will disband after military service

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The renowned Cuban seer Mhoni Seer, has warned that the popular South Korean group of kpop bts would be separating definitively after completing his military service mandatory, where he also revealed that there will only be three members left in the group.

Mhoni Seer has spoken about the military service that the members of BTS, and shared what the cards hold for each of them during their military service.

As confessed by the seer, his entry into the army could represent the end of a cycle for the South Korean septet. Although, she assures that before leaving, the idols will do concerts and leave several videos so that their fans do not miss them so much.

The seer took advantage of the moment to describe the seven members of Bangtan as very talented boys. Therefore, she shared her unexpected predictions about her military service and what she has in store for them after that.

“Two or three original members are going to stay… Several of them will go solo”

The also astrologer explained that the military service of bangtan It could be the prelude to ending a stage of the group, but it could continue with new members who replace those who will leave.

The Cuban also believes that some of the current members of bts they could dedicate themselves to being soloists, acting and being producers, even one of them could dedicate himself to creating a fashion clothing brand that would be quite successful in his native country.

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