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It would reduce the risk of accidents at work by up to 300% after implementing workplaces with well-being and happiness

Companies seek to develop well-being and happiness for their employees; which will increase productivity and allow them to have satisfaction in their life

NotiPress.- Today, people are looking for a workplace that provides them with wellness Y happiness; this, in order to allow them to have the satisfaction of a full life. In this way, if the worker is comfortable and happy, his productivity increases by 80 percent, and the risk of occupational accidents decreases up to 300%, so reported Nancy Martinez CEO of LIVE 13.5° to NotiPress.

The foregoing, according to the study “Happiness and work” carried out by the consultant Sustaining Growth. Likewise, people seek to be valued Y recognized for your efforts; According to 77% of employees, they affirm that they would feel more integrated into their work if their value was recognized.

That is, a workplace which values ​​and ensures the well-being and happiness of its collaborators generates an increase in productivity; also, motivation and enthusiasm. For the company to achieve its objectives, it needs the help of its most valuable capital and this capital is he human; It is part of your corporate image.

According to a survey carried out by HAYS the ambient labor and fellowship represents the 47% of the main reasons for well-being and happiness, which in turn increase productivity. In this way, there are some basic characteristics to develop the maximum capacity of organizations implementing these concepts.

Thus, the first characteristic that generates well-being and happiness at work is to have the material Y equipment that is needed to carry out the required activities. Likewise, provide the opportunity to carry out the correct activities depending on the abilities and aptitudes from each person.

Recognition and appreciation of staff, is an essential characteristic to develop well-being and happiness at work. Therefore, the listen active; connect with the objectives of the company from mission and vision; healthy relationships, trust and friendship.

Finally, opportunities for growth, motivation and continuous training bring greater productivity on the part of employees. In this way, happiness and well-being at work is important because it affects the productivity of the businessin the impact with the team and in the customers experience.

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