We tested the Nothing Ear (stick), the most unique headphones of the year

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What are the main features of NOTHING ear (stick) headphones? At Urban Tecno we have tested them. These are the conclusions.

The NOTHING ear (stick) headphones are specially built for nonconformist users of technology, that is, those who opt for a type of product that is out of the ordinary. Therefore, it has a set of solutions that are far from what could be normal in the market. In the field of headphones, this product begins its differentiation, without a doubt, from the box itself. This is a presentation that stands out the notable changes that it incorporates with respect to its competition.

Among its main qualities, it is worth mentioning the presence of a very original case and the presence of a very interesting value for money. Here, therefore, are the keys to understanding a new set of headphones that come to represent the most interesting features of the NOTHING ear (stick). Who would have thought that they would be something more than a conventional audio medium?

NOTHING ear (stick), interesting headphones for the most non-conformists

Are you running away from the conventional? Having headphones of this class will solve this lack of alternatives. It is important to bear in mind that this model stands out for the presence of a series of curiosities, something that the company has accustomed us to. It all starts, without a doubt, with the case that includes these 2 headphones. Instead of opting for the classic alternative that one might imagine, it has a series of key elements that make it a differential option.

The first thing that is important to consider is the position of the headphones. As could already be seen in its latest release, the unit that has the red dot drawn is the one that is attached to the right ear. In this way, the simple act of putting them in the ear becomes very comfortable. In relation to the charging case, it is very simple. Barely has a USB-C charging port and, on the other hand, the synchronization button. For the rest, a very interesting space has been chosen from the point of view of innovation.

It should be noted that it is not compatible with wireless charging systems, but the truth is that it is. It has a fast charging system. It is, therefore, an interesting option that plays, as usual in the brand, with transparencies in terms of design. Well, what sound quality does it offer and what other curiosities does this particular model hide?

The first thing to note is that it has a series of artificial intelligence based solutions to be able to establish what intensity of bass it should offer at each moment to have the best user experience. Even so, it has an equalizer that allows, depending on our tastes, to adjust bass, treble and another series of parameters to be able to enjoy music according to our needs.

We tested the Nothing Ear (stick), the most unique headphones of the year

The NOTHING ear (stick) headphones are designed to offer a very interesting value for money.

In relation to the quality of the calls, the quality is very good, being able to extend this virtue to the built-in microphone. This allows us to understand to what extent the NOTHING ear (stick) have a great development behind them. We are, without a doubt, facing a very interesting alternative from the point of view of performance.

In relation to autonomy, the brand ensures that it can last up to a maximum of 7 hours, having a total of 21 hours if we add the box option. It is, therefore, a very interesting option in this regard. Similarly, in less than an hour we can have a full charge. This allows us to understand to what extent we are facing an option that allows you to position yourself at the top of the sector.

NOTHING ear (stick)

Well, what can we say about the price? Is it so available at a price of 119 euros, which makes them a very interesting option in the mid-range segment. Among the keys to understanding this competitive price, it is worth mentioning the absence of active noise cancellation, a function that allows you to extend the use of the headphones.

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