‘We had different visions of what our future is’

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After not renewing with América, Guillermo Ochoa said that he is looking for new horizons that allow him to continue growing as a person and footballer

MEXICO — Guillermo Ochoa said goodbye to America and of the cream-blue fans; the goalkeeper embarks on a new cycle in international soccer, this time with the Salernitana from Serie A of Italywith which he has advanced negotiations, according to reports in Italy.

In a letter posted on his social media, Guillermo Ochoa he pointed out to the letter: “Today it’s time to look for new horizons, new challenges, new adventures that allow me to continue growing as a person and as a footballer.”

The experienced goalkeeper thanked the Americanist board and stated that “today we simply had different visions of what our future is”, after failing to reach an agreement for its renewal with the Coapa club.

Likewise, he thanked the cream-blue fans and pointed out that he will never forget the reception they gave him when he announced his return to the capital squad.

Likewise, he said that his followers have a special place “in my memory and heart”, for the support they gave him and for every save they celebrated, in addition to affirming that he had the honor of being their captain and always sought that they were well represented. for him.

Guillermo Ochoa He also thanked his teammates from the Azulcrema team, as well as the employees of the club and the Azteca Stadium.

“Thank you Santiago, Héctor, Joacho and especially you Emilio, for giving me the opportunity to dress in yellow again and to grow as a person,” he also mentioned, referring to his leaders and the owner of the America club.

“Now it’s time to keep dreaming awake, seeking to put the name of Mexico on high, where you feel proud and above all, let life continue to surprise me.”

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