Waters with overheating, warns the IMSS

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Chihuahua, Chih.- It is customary that after Christmas or New Year people consume the ‘traditional’ reheated, however the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) issued some recommendations in this regard since not having proper management can cause health problems.

Due to the habit of preparing a large amount of food and saving it for the following days, when it is time to heat it up once more, it can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, because over time, bacteria proliferate and cause food poisoning, explained the coordinator of Prevention and Health Care of the Headquarters of Medical Benefits, Dr. Laura Loeza Montero.

“The risk increases each time the food is reheated. Sometimes days go by and families continue to heat the same dish for the fourth or fifth time, putting the family’s health at risk,” she commented.

Loeza Montero recommended preparing the dishes in the portions that will be consumed that same day, and at most, the following day; as long as the following recommendations are followed:

•You must wait until it is at room temperature to store it in the refrigerator. Food should never be stored hot or lukewarm.

•It is better to keep food in small portions. This way, if one part starts to break down, it won’t affect the rest.

•It is recommended to store food in glass containers so that food is not affected and can better preserve its flavor and properties, since plastic changes the chemistry of food.

He stressed that reheated foods are losing vitamins and nutrients, so it is not recommended to do it more than once.

Finally, he recommended to the beneficiaries that, in case of feeling discomfort, go to the Continuous Medical Care Module of the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) of affiliation, so that the family doctor can assess and provide the necessary care.

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