Warehouse auctions, the ‘secret’ place with the lowest prices on Amazon

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Warehouse Auctions is Amazon’s bargain-packed section, with like-new products sold at much lower prices. Photo: Getty Images.

Many buyers believe that it is not worth paying full price for a new product because there are always bargains and opportunities to get it for much less. And they are right. In fact, many stores have sections full of practically brand new merchandise but that for something as silly as an open box or in poor condition they cannot sell as new.

A giant like Amazon could not be an exception. His portal offers a little known section but full of bargains called Warehouse auctions in the one that will save a lot of money, or with which you can afford those models of expensive brands with which you always dreamed.

What products are in the ‘Warehouse auctions’ section?

Amazon offers in this section products that have been returned by customers, that have the box open or that have been slightly damaged during handling in the warehouses. When that happens, you can’t sell them as new, so offers them at a lower price than usual. The good thing is that this does not mean that you have to give up the advantages of buying on this platform, since you will enjoy the same quality of shipping and customer service, and return rights.

What is completely certain is that whatever product it is, it will work. Amazon promises that they won’t sell anything, regardless of its condition, if it doesn’t do its job.

This is how Amazon Warehouse Auctions work - Photo: Amazon.ca

This is how Amazon Warehouse Auctions work – Photo: Amazon.ca

Different categories of products

Once Amazon receives a product with the characteristics that we have just mentioned, the first thing it does is make sure that it works. Then, assess its condition in case it has a small physical defect, such as a scratch.

The last step in the process, before putting it up for sale again, is to classify the product into four different categories so that the potential buyer is very clear about its general condition. They are the following:

  • New: the product has not been opened but the box is and will arrive damaged.

  • like new: The condition of the product is in perfect condition, but due to the condition of the box, it cannot be considered “new”. In these cases, it is most likely a return, where a previous customer opened the box and removed the product from the package.

  • very good condition: The product works perfectly but has cosmetic defects or stains.

  • good condition: the product works perfectly but either has aesthetic defects or stains that could indicate that it has been used; or minor accessories are missing; or the packaging has been replaced with another for better protection.

You have to keep in mind that the products of Warehouse auctions They do not have a manufacturer’s warranty, but yes you can return them if not you are not satisfied, according to Amazon return policy.

All kinds of products are offered in the Warehouse Auctions section: games, books, Smart TV’s, cameras, musical instruments… The list is very long.

In the Amazon Warehouse Auctions you will practically find the same product categories that are in the rest of the web.  Photo: Getty Images.

In the Amazon Warehouse Auctions you will practically find the same product categories that are in the rest of the web. Photo: Getty Images.

Another way to get to the Warehouse Auctions

And to make it easier for you to find the bargains you’re looking for, you’ll be glad to know you don’t always have to head to the Warehouse auctions itself to find the discounted products that are offered under the characteristics that we have mentioned.

When you are interested in a product, you can always see if it exists with an ‘open box’ option. Simply you have to enter the product sheet and look where it says “New and used”. Clicking on it will display a menu with the options of the Warehouse auctions.

Now that you know how it works, you just have to search well and find the best opportunities.

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