Walmart begins displaying clothing on mannequins and hints at the future of retail

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  • The phenomenon has been measured by firms such as Attestwhere he ensures which categories have been the most impacted in retail by inflation.

  • Walmart It is one of the leading brands in retailaccording to Statista estimates exclusively for its subscribers.

  • What Walmart We have seen very interesting cases of how to take advantage of physical contact with the consumer, as has happened with Shein.

Walmart will premiere mannequins in their supercenters and we are talking about one of the most radical changes in retail because of inflation.

This also demonstrates how important the physical space will be for retail brands, in their objective of achieving sales, since their reach in the market will depend on it, especially in products that are having a hard time selling in this economic period, as identified a study of Attestwhere he measured how inflation has changed consumer habits.

Of the categories that consumers buy less in retail are premium foods, 67 percent; alcohol, 56 percent; cosmetics, 39 percent; fresh fruit and vegetables, 38 percent.

Walmart starts using mannequins

Walmart It is a key retail chain and in its growth it is now committed to the store experience, as it has been announced CNBCthat the change began in six key stores of the chain in the United States, which is the cradle market in which the brand emerged.

What the new hard-to-sell display at Walmart looks like:

This phenomenon includes the display of Walmart clothing in spaces with mannequins, increased lighting in the clothing area, and colorful displays in key areas such as makeup.

Said change that has been seen in the well-known SuperCenters has occurred in Teterboro and North Bergen in New Jersey; Yaphank, New York; Quakertown, Pennsylvania and in Hodgkins, Illinois. Changes are also expected in Secaucus, New Jersey.

It is important to see these changes, because it is part of the sales strategies that are being implemented in retail to sell in inflation, an economic period in which real commercial challenges have been unleashed, where the commercial objective is the sale of products at a higher cost than the average items purchased in a pantry.

Having said this, it is interesting to see the sales process that these stores are in, where the idea is to sell items in which the consumer takes longer to decide to buy them or simply does not buy them due to the inflation phenomenon that is being experienced.

It is interesting to see the strategy of displaying garments, because it gives greater exposure and attention to detail, even installing scenes to show off the products as they would be seen at home.

Said strategy of displaying products is a very interesting sales resource, because it is making retailers migrate from their traditional patterns and try storefronts aimed at the consumer in inflation.

We have seen something similar with Shein, a pure player that has boasted of its 100 percent online sales model, but that has had bets on displaying its products through pop-up stores, which have become a benchmark. of consumption.

Both cases show us that the display of products is becoming crucial today and physical proximity to the consumer, through experiences, will be key to ensuring contingency sales, which is why brands think more and more about resources that manage to highlight them. like Zara Home, as one social media brand expert concluded when she discovered that elements like naming their products in English or French have helped the brand stand out with expensive prices.

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