Vox’s abortion plan collides with medical conscientious objection

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José María Domínguez Roldán, head of the central Ethics Commission of Cgcom.

The medical community has received with skepticism the ‘anti-abortion’ plan announced by Juan Garcia-Gallardo, Vice President of the Junta de Castilla y León. First, because these types of protocols “are created by clinicians, not politicians”, they slide from the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom). But also because a doctor cannot be “forced” to carry out a diagnostic or therapeutic test if he does not wish to, since he can avail himself of his right to conscientious objection.

These are the first evaluations of the Cgcom after exposing the García-Gallardo’s ‘pro-life’ measures. Specifically, the Vox leader advanced at the end of last week the regional government’s intention to “urge” physicians to offer women who want to have an abortion the possibility of receiving psychological care, of listening to the fetal heart and to see one 4D ultrasound of the same.

The doctor-patient relationship is intimate confidentialityand the only objective of the medical act is the medical and psychological well-being of the patient”, conclude the sources consulted by Medical Writing, which affect in any case that the responsibility of deploying this type of initiative does not fall on the political leaders. In this sense, they emphasize that “the clinical protocols They are prepared by clinicians”, so there is no place for the administration to unilaterally impose a plan like this.

They also stress that doctors can refuse to offer patients to listen to the fetal heartbeat or show them an ultrasound. The Cgcom appeals to the Patient Autonomy Lawwhich establishes that “in no case and in no way can anyone be forced to take a diagnostic or therapeutic test that they do not want”.

Manueco denies the ‘anti-abortion’ protocol

Vox’s ‘anti-abortion’ plan seems in any case condemned to die on the shore after the president of Castilla y León himself, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco (PP), will reply to García-Gallardo and reject the possibility of establishing protocols to discourage women from voluntarily terminating their pregnancies.

Nothing will be forced to doctors or pregnant women ”, the popular leader assured this Monday. Along these lines, he has warned that this type of measure may involve direct or indirect “coercion” towards patients. And therefore, the Board it will not promote or protect them“, it is finished.

In fact, the plan, which should have been made official this Monday, has not been published in the Official Gazette of Castilla y León nor has it been sent to the main hospitals in the region.

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