Visualize Mauricio Kuri medicine, education and better police officers for 2023

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With good expectations for Querétaro in this next 2023 It is how the Governor of the State, Mauricio Kuri, envisions what it will be like during the next 12 months.

On New Year’s Eve, the Governor speculated that Querétaro will enjoy many good things, in terms of safety, health and education.

Through his social networks, Mauricio Kuri, pointed out that this 2023 sees Querétaro with the conclusion of the road reengineering work of Paseo Cinco de Febrero.

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In addition, he added, that he visualizes a year with better police elements, education, medicine, health and with remarkable Queretaro.

“We finished a year full of challenges, but also of great actions for our state. And this 2023, I visualize a Querétaro with: the best police, more investments, education for all, better mobility, medicines and health “the Governor pointed out.

Likewise, he added that this 2023 he visualizes it with decent housing for the people of Queretaro, more entrepreneurs and more tourists that position Querétaro as the best tourist destination.

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