virtual reality glasses, what is known so far

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Apple glasses could be presented this summer. Photo: Shutterstock

Manzana is one of the most valuable companies and its products are the object of desire of millions of people around the world, such as the macbook proand every time you hear that a new article will be released, the expectations are high and this has happened with the virtual reality glassesa project that is about to come out and this is what we know about it.

What is known about virtual reality glasses

mark gurman He is one of the analysts closest to Manzanaand together with Ming-Chi Kuo, he is usually the one who makes the most aspects of these devices known before they are presented and it has been anticipated that their presentation date would be during the Apple WWDCwhich is held in early June in Cupertino, California, and it is estimated that its price is 3 thousand dollarsabout 56 thousand pesos.

Other details that were released from the next apple glasses is that they will be made of aluminum and glass with a premium finish, at the level of AirPods Max. They will also have a curved front screen and in it you could see the user’s eyes, to give it a more real touch and less of a mask; on the sides it will have stereo speakers, which in turn will be attached to the headband that will hold them to the head.

To lighten the weight of the glasses, Manzana I would have opted for a battery that is connected by a cable to them and that will be carried in the pocket while it is used and this will offer a range of up to 2 hours and would have the size of those that are usually carried by iphone.

I would also have face and eye tracking, this would therefore allow us to control actions with simple gestures of our face, or even moving our eyes in a certain way. Will offer a rmixed realityThis means that we can use them in a fully immersive way, like in virtual realityor being aware of the world around us, as in the augmented.

It will have different cameras outside to be able to map the external world and also to track the movement of our hands, without having to use additional control devices.

It will have a Digital Crownor what is the same, a large crown in the style of the apple watchwhich will allow you to control all aspects of these glasses and instantly jump out of an experience of augmented reality to virtualand vice versa, there would lie one of its great secrets.

It will also have its own operating system, a new variant of iOS, and it will also be possible to make video calls.

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