Vince McMahon would be planning to return to WWE

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The Wall Street Journal, the American newspaper that leaked all the information about the McMahon case scandal this summer, has just published a update on the situation of the former president of WWE in which they state that Vince He has told some people close to him that intends to try to return to the company.

Apparently, McMahon would have come to comment that he received bad advice from his environment, and that is why he decided to leave WWE. However, the billionaire would now see the situation differently, and today he thinks that if he had stayed, the scandal and the investigations would have ended. losing importance over time.

As for legal investigations, McMahon is currently facing the demands of two women who claim that Vince sexually abused them, according to internal documents and people close to the negotiations that are taking place. Also, Rita Chatterton, who accused Vince of raping her in the 1980s, has returned to the cause to this day, and is calling for 11.75 million dollars for damages.

In relation to the Chatterton case, McMahon denied the accusations on several occasions throughout the past, but it seems that he will have to face the situation of the former WWF referee again. According to Chatterton’s attorney, the former WWF employee passed the polygamous testand multiple sources corroborated his version of events.

Simultaneously, a Former manager of a California spa has accused McMahon of abusing her sexually at the year 2011, while WWE was in the state to celebrate one of their shows. After the incident, the worker’s husband would have appeared at the pavilion where WWE held the event with a baseball bat, but could not meet Vince.

These have been the big issues that the note from the prestigious Wall Street Journal has dealt with. In the next few hours we will discover the repercussion of all this information, although, for now, WWE, Vince McMahon and their close circles They have refused to give a statement.

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