Vince McMahon buys the silence of Rita Chatterton

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The output of Vince McMahon Y his return to the WWE presidency They have been two of the most commented topics in the last half year. His march was marked by alleged cases of bribery, in which he sought to silence former WWE employees who had allegedly been victims of sexual harassment.

This information revived one of the most controversial cases of the first stage of Vince McMahon as chairman from WWE. We are talking about the case of Rita Chatterton, the referee who worked at the company for several years and denounced sexual abuse in 1986.

Through a new publication on its web portal, the Wall Street Journal has revealed that Vince McMahon and Rita Chatterton have reached a multi-million dollar legal agreement.

“Mr. McMahon’s settlement with Rita Chatterton, completed last month, avoids a public legal fight over his allegations as Mr. McMahon pursues a possible sale of the company,” Joe Palazzolo wrote. “Ms. Chatterton, the first female referee of what was then known as the World Wrestling Federation, demanded $11.75 million in damages, for the alleged violation, in a letter sent in November to Mr. McMahon’s lawyer and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Ms Chatterton agreed to a smaller amount of millions of dollars, one of the people familiar with the matter said, but the Journal could not determine the exact number“.

“Mr. McMahon denies and always has denied that he raped Ms. Chatterton. And he settled the case solely to avoid the cost of litigation,” said Jerry McDevitt, attorney for Vince McMahon.

Rita Chatterton as WWE referee

The Rita Chatterton case

Rita Chatterton was 29 years old when she allegedly had a forced sexual relationship with Vince McMahon. As she explained in her first complaint, after various tests as a referee for the then WWF, it was January 21, 1985 when Vince decided to give Rita a full-time contract for half a million dollars. By then, it was a completely inflated amount of money. In July 1986, Chatterton was part of the WWF tapings in Poughkeepsie, New York. She approached Vince McMahon to discuss the contract that was promised to her and he invited her to her limo to sexually force her.

In 1993, Vince McMahon claimed in a lawsuit that Rita Chatterton was led into making a false rape accusation against him. McMahon withdrew the lawsuit the following year to focus on defending against the steroid-related criminal charges, according to his account. He was cleared of those charges in 1994.

The departure of Vince McMahon in the summer of 2021 and the information that related him to various cases of bribery, all of this caused Rita Chatterton to return to the media to discuss her case. “Right now, I’ve decided not to do anything. It doesn’t mean I won’t do it in the future, but right now, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, so I’m going to sit down and take my time to think. on it and see what I do,” Chatterton stated in July 2021 on the Cheap Heat Productions podcast.

More fronts for Vince McMahon

The Wall Street Journal continues to refer to the other alleged cases of bribery details of which are still unknown. One of them refers to a payment of 7.5 million in 2018 by Vince McMahon to a former wrestler with whom he allegedly had sex, specifically oral sex. The other case concerns a $3 million payment to a former WWE employee with whom he allegedly had an affair. Since then, Vince McMahon has declined to comment publicly on the alleged agreements.

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