VIDEOS | This was the first audition of Salma Hayek with only 20 years

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Talk about Salma Hayek and her careerinvites you to remember various moments in each of his films, be it as actress or producer. The common denominator of this has been the tenacity to materialize each project and the perseverance not to falter in each of these dreams, which began more than three decades ago in the world of television.

Today, Salma is a world-class figure who has carried out successful projects, coupled with her presence as a successful and gentle Latin artist, very Mexican as only she knows how to be, something she recently confirmed at the Golden Globes gala by carrying a Pulparindo in his hand.

With this as a preamble, it is valid to remember that every success or goal achieved has a beginning. To Hayek, the beginning was complicated and full of challengessomething that happened when I was barely 20 years old in the distant decade of the 80s, stage where He did his first casting.

Salma Hayek improvises at her first casting

As images that are worth gold and show that every established artist was once inexperienced and full of dreams, it is that Salma Hayek went to a casting in 1986a time when she was 20 years old and which coincided with her desire to conquer the world as an actress.

For that occasion, Salma appeared in Televisa in order to enter the CEA (Center for Artistic Education)a famous school that served as a seedbed for actresses and actors who later starred in the soap operas from the San Ángel company.

Novice but with born talent

In it casting for Televisa, Salma She was instructed to introduce herself first, give her character data, and mention that she had no previous acting experience.

It should be added that at that time, she decided to leave her studies in Veracruz to emigrate to Mexico City in search of her dream. Even in those days She considered that she was not such a good actress, for which she was surprised with the meteoric rise that she achieved by winning years later the leading role in the soap opera “Teresa”.

For her improvisation at the casting, Salma had to talk on a landline. Yes, as she reads it, they asked her to chat on a phone, so that she didn’t think that she was an object and talked to her as if she were a human.


Salma Hayek responds to criticism for calling the “Child God” of the Rosca de Reyes a “doll”


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