VIDEOS | In red lingerie, Altair Jarabo gets out of the pool totally wet

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Altair Jarabo has always known that he wants to be successful In everything she does, for this reason, she does not hesitate to give the best of herself and take risks that take her to another level in her professional work. This was revealed on more than one occasion, when she participated in soap operas that led her to scenes full of adventure or passion, something that she did not hesitate to undertake in order to show that she could look very good on the small screen.

A clear example of this happened when he wanted to conquer Armando Araiza, in a telenovela, which is why he had to steel himself and do everything possible to have his attention. before this, Altair took off the dress she was wearing and jumped into the pool just as she would wearing a bikini. to get your attention. Seeing that this was not enough, she decided to stay only in red lingerie and this was what happened.

Altair Jarabo seduces in red lingerie

With all the passion that she carries inside each scene, Altair did not hesitate to take off her dress and leave only her red lingerie that she was wearing underneath. With only one idea in her mind, she decided to jump into the pool and get so wet that it was impossible for Armando Araiza and his character not to notice her presence. After this and with a towel in hand, she rolled up to try to dry herself and it was there that she was exposed to her crush, thus generating a moment of surprise.

After this, while already in a bathroom, the same towel was taken from her to return to her underwear and suffer this ridicule, despite being one of the most beautiful women on Mexican television.

And also with David Zepeda

On this occasion, the scene was part of the telenovela “Overcoming heartbreak”, the same one that Altair recorded next to his great friend David Zepeda, another actor always willing to give his best in a scene. For this moment, Altair Jarabo once again wore a red garment, more of a nightgown-type lingerie who showed part of his attributes and made viewers fall in love again.

To top it off, she entered the bed next to her lover and found Morpheus in his arms.


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