VIDEOS | In a pink bikini, Iran Castillo raised the temperature totally wet

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Next January 4th, Irán Castillo will be 46 years old. With a long career on the stages of Mexico, the singer and actress has known combine these two qualities with his ability to dance, the same one that he has taken advantage of in the recent decade by being part of some dance reality shows or, in other cases, being invited to magazine programs where she rides mechanical bulls with bad luck.

But, as everything always has a past to be based on, this is also the case of Iran, which a few years ago participated in some parties and carnivals in his native Veracruz, city ​​where he pleased thousands of attendees with his perfect presence and only wearing a pink bikini that left little to the imagination.

Between dances to encourage the public and lots of water wetting your bodyIran was not alone on that occasion, since Nigris Poncho she also participated in the event and, in fact, starred in a moment full of emotion for the women present on that site.

Irán Castillo dances in a bikini

As one of the prettiest and nicest actresses to have stepped on the forums of Mexican soap operas, Irán Castillo has managed to forge a career based on talents and well-used opportunities. Always remembered for soap operas such as “Soñadoras”, “Clase 406” or “Preciosa”, the actress has also abounded in music since the 90s.

Shortly after, already in the 21st century, Iran participated in this event in Veracruz where she and Poncho de Nigris had to animate the public present. With guns and water hoses, as well as lots of music and dancing, both actors enjoyed every moment. She, with sensuality and youth ahead of her, was shocked by the presence of her in a pink bikini.

Meanwhile, Poncho showed that his well-formed body was not in vain and, therefore, he showed off more to the delight of the women.

A happy mother with her children

The years have passed and, as we begin, Iran is about to celebrate 46 years of life next week. As a mature woman, she today enjoys her children and family life. For this reason, so she shared part of her dawn with her children in her bed.

“Compilation of my mornings! I love waking up with my baby’s face and its warmth. I love my mornings no matter how tired I am! Pure gratitude for having this opportunity to wake up with this beautiful baby, with my wonderful husband and with my beautiful baby and magical!!”, said Irán Castillo.

To culminate, he finished off: “Enjoy them! Thank you my heaven @pepe.ramosb for taking these morning photos of me! I love you.”


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