VIDEOS | In a bikini, Sherlyn raises the temperature when leaving the pool

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Sherlyn’s career She is so long-lived that it seems like yesterday when we first saw her as a little child actress. Added to this, the 37-year-old actress born in GuadalajaraJalisco, does not look her age and looks like a woman ten years younger than she is.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that moment in his career when, at the age of 25 or 26, he participated in the successful telenovela “A Lucky Family”Televisa soap opera where Sherlyn gave life to Ana Isabel López Torres “Ojitos” de Irabiéna curious, cute, willful girl from humble origins who will soon see her luck improve, as well as that of her entire family.

And it was precisely in this soap opera where Sherlyn showed that he was in one of the best moments of his life, besides that he looked spectacular in front of the camera and, to confirm it, he was able to seize the screen just by wearing a bikini and swim for a while. You won’t believe it.

Sherlyn causes commotion in a bikini

With the tenderness that she has always shown on screen and, in turn, the sensuality of a young woman who enjoys wearing a bikini like no other, is that Sherlyn was shown in this scene where you can see him leaving the pool after enjoying a while inside it. With a bikini of various colors, The young woman walks slowly to the bunk where her lover is lying.

There, with a little more provocation, she lies down on him to make him succumb to love and fill him with kisses, thus leaving an extremely romantic postcard. At the same time, this image showed that at that time, Sherlyn was one of the most attractive actresses on Mexican television.

Today she looks beautiful like mom

At 37 years old and already a mother a few years ago, Sherlyn is a woman who has matured from the experiences she has faced. Added to this, she has worked on various projects and the most recent is one of hers that makes her very happy. This is Look Who’s Dancing, where the actress has been developing for a while.


PHOTO | Sherlyn falls in love with the networks with a shiny miniskirt


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