VIDEOS | From the beach, Irina Baeva was the most sensual in a bikini at 22 years old

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Irina Baeva has the peculiar ability to always look incredibleand, something that with the passage of time has only managed to accentuate. In addition, she is one of the women in the middle of the show that is most talked about in the media, this due to her relationship and thunder with Gabriel Soto, with whom it is no longer clear if there will really be a wedding or not .

While the problem of her nuptials is clarified, it is due to remind the Irina Baeva of 2015, that woman who, at barely 22 years old, was able to stand on the beach and look like nobody else in a bikini. Not as blonde or tanned as today, in that instant he had not started his relationship with Gabriel Soto either.

Irina Baeva dazzles in a bikini

Born on October 25, 1992, Irina was part of the soap opera “Passion and Power” which was recorded between 2015 and 2016. In this melodrama, he was able to do some villainy and despise the beautiful love he was given. To top it off, she also showed herself as a cold and calculating woman, capable of anything in order to obtain its economic benefits.

Thus, at barely 22 years of age and with a Russian accent sounding a bit in his Spanish, Irina Baeva was beautiful on the beach, wearing a bikini and stealing hearts at all times.

And so in the middle of 2023

Irina has not stopped evolving as an actress and in her personal life. Therefore, it is valid to show how she currently looks, full of health, beauty and with an imposing presence bathed in the sun’s rays that have given her a perfect tan. Thus, as one of the most beautiful women of todayIrina treats herself to her fans in a bikini.


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