VIDEOS | Belinda does a “live” with her friends and they assure that she was “drunk”

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Belinda enjoys a long career that has been marred by controversy on more than one occasion, but it is his talent and sympathy what keeps her in the hearts of the public; Furthermore, she has starred in funny moments for which he receives the full support of his fans. Like the most recent during a night with friends, when she made a live broadcast with which would reveal that he was”drunk“.

The singer remains close to her fans through social networks and this time she tried to do the same with a “live” on her Instagram account, although everything indicates that at first she had not realized what she was doing since she questioned that he was transmitting. In the clip you can see two other women trying hide from camera and their attitude leads fans to question if they were under the effects of alcohol.

The interpreter of “Light without gravity” jokes with the name of one of her friends, Megan, which is similar to the recent movie about a diabolic doll who has been compared to Chucky. Between laughs, Belinda stands in front of the mirror and she asks her friend to dance like the character in the tape does, although they go back to bed because, apparently, they are in a hotel room.

The video was replicated by the entertainment journalist Ana Maria Alvarado on her YouTube channel and, due to the complicity she shows with her friends, the singer was asked if there was something Romantic among them: “They are asking us if we are girlfriends, I’m just missing that. Oh little girl, my little girlfriend with two little children. Belinda is the stepmother”.

Drunk Belinda?

So far the protagonist of “Welcome to Eden” She has not made any statements in this regard, but the comments were not long in coming and Internet users did not hesitate to support her by stressing that it was a night with friends so they might or might not be under the influence of alcohol, but she looked happy and fun with people you love.

Others remembered the phrase with which the singer balconyed to one of the assistants at his concert last November, because he realized that he was “past of drinks” at the moment in which he approached the edge of the stage to interact more closely with those present.

“Beautiful, you’re petite, right? Tomorrow you will remember, right?” Said the also actress to the young woman who took advantage of the moment to pass her a bouquet of flowers. “Don’t throw away the pacifier anymore”, Belinda added as she continued with the concert and showed the fans the gestures that the young woman supposedly made when she saw her near the stage.


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