VIDEO: This is how Victoria Ruffo celebrated Christmas with a luxurious tree that moves!

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on these dates christmasmany of the actors, actresses, singers and celebrities in general take advantage of their social networks to demonstrate with a very active spirit regarding the dates and precisely now one of the most beloved stage artists in Mexico has spoken out and expressed her appreciation for Christmas.

Is about Victoria Ruffo, who is considered one of the most beloved actresses thanks to her work on dozens of projects for television and film, specifically she is applauded for her career in melodrama and after the success in “Corona de lágrimas 2”, the star has taken advantage of her time free on these closing dates of the year to pass it next to your family.

A Christmas with your family

It was through her personal Instagram account that the television star shared a tender boomerang in which she appears in company of his daughter Victoria and apparently her boyfriend, that is, her son-in-law, who also pose smiling next to their pet and in the background the success of Mariah Carey is heard “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

However, what caught our attention was not the fact that Victoria was next to her boyfriend at the famous actress’s house, but that what has really given us something to talk about is the tree of the famous actress who is also the mother of Jose Eduardo Derbez.

It turns out that the successful stage artist has a spinning tree, something that has unleashed a sensation among Internet users because it is also a Christmas model that is adorned with dozens of lights and spheres that combine with the rest of the decoration visible in the artist’s room, something that has earned her hundreds of compliments on social networks.



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