VIDEO: They praise Belinda in “Divine Food” and her reaction goes viral

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Today one of the figures that has gained the most relevance in the world of entertainment and social networks is undoubtedly that of Belinda, who is an extraordinary singer who also has all Mexicans attentive every time a romantic relationship begins, because they usually have all kinds of episodes that make them look like real soap operas. In addition to being a beautiful woman, she also has a pleasant personality that makes anyone fall in love, which is why she appears in various projects such as divine food.

Within this reality show, the also actress has stood out for simply being Belinda although that sometimes plays tricks on her, because during the second chapter of the reality show she was the victim of a trick and she never understood why her companions laughed out loud. In this case, Veronica Toussaint She was the author of the funny moment without the Spanish woman having an idea of ​​what was happening.

After tasting the dinner that José Ángel Bichir prepared for them, the topic of taking care of food such as the consumption of refined flours was touched upon. However, Belinda confessed that she eats everything like pizza, mother dough or father dough. It was at that moment that the driver, with a serious gesture, said “mazacuata” and the actor answered yes.

What was Belinda’s reaction?

When Belinda saw that Veronica Toussaint she was dying of laughter, she didn’t hesitate to ask what was happening. “What did I miss… hey, please share the joke with me”, she said, visibly annoyed, because she never understood the reason for everyone’s laughter. Who tried to explain was Many Nna, “esque Beli, he said that you eat mazacuata”. When everything seemed to be clear, the interpreter of “Love at first sight” asked what that was, something that was like gasoline at the stake.

“No, Beli, don’t ask what the mazcuata is,” he pleaded between laughs. Many Nna who said in a shot from the outside that in “Belilandia there is no such word” and that she would be the one to teach them. For her part, Toussaint assured that it is good that there are still people like the singer, although she “likes us, so what do we do?”

In social networks, the reactions did not wait, because Belinda is her favorite artist, although yes, many assured that they do not believe in her alleged innocence. On the other hand, some mentioned that they are watching the reality show and are in love with her. “What a good quartet the 4 Belinda do with their innocence, Vero with their fury, Manu with his comedy and José with his happiness”, “I saw the 4 episodes last night, this is cool, they killed me with laughter” and “I They loved the first 4 chapters, I died laughing,” were some of the comments they made.


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