VIDEO: Pepillo Origel’s health is concerned after assuring that it was bad

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The famous show host, John Joseph Originpopularly known as Pepillo, shocked all his followers after sharing a video in which he revealed the strong health problems he faces after undergoing surgery in a hospital.

Just a few weeks ago when the former host of “Ventaneando” and “La Oreja” alerted his millions of fans on Instagram after uploading a photograph in which he was hospitalized in a hospital bed, since moments before he had undergone emergency surgery, which caused speculation about his true state of health.

To end all kinds of rumours, the presenter of the program Con Permiso revealed that the discomfort that took him to the hospital was due to a hernia. In addition, he said that his recovery was going favorably, but everything indicates that his state of health changed in the last few hours.

On his YouTube channel, Juan José Origel was honest when he spoke in front of the cameras and confessed that his state of health is not optimal after undergoing surgery in mid-August.

Before his millions of followers, the expert on entertainment issues said that he did not feel well and even so he attended the tribute that was made to the first actress, Silvia Pinal, at the Palace of Fine Arts. Hours later he presented the first discomforts.

without saving anything, The also former host of the Hoy program said that he had a “tremor”, added to the fact that he feels extremely sad since he misses his brotherswhich increased due to being locked up during the pandemic due to the new coronavirus Covid-19.

Finally, Juan José Origel was forceful in saying that it is not good and it was bad. In addition, he remembered that the weekend was spent lying down. He also said that he will continue filming the show for a later trip to Spain.

“I am not well, I was bad”said the driver before explaining the plans he has for the next few days.

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