VIDEO: Paola Rojas is honest after leaving her program and shows the place she chose to “start a new life”

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After several years as a presenter of “In the air”the famous 46-year-old closed one of the most important cycles in her career, this is because after several rumors, the Mexican confirmed that she would retire from this production to start a new life, however, she assured her fans that she was not going to stop work in the medium informative.

The talented television host, who has been flattered for her commitment in the news world and at the same time for her defined figure and beauty, for which she has gained an outstanding number of fans, who were surprised after Rojas confirmed her departure from the morning newscast that she headed for the television station de San Ángel, receiving thousands of expressions of affection from his followers through social networks.

The presenter who graduated with a degree in communication Sciences by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he is currently enjoying a new personal stage in his life, or at least he has shown it in a recent video that he shared through his personal account on instagramin which she was seen smiling in front of the camera while she was recording herself.

“Just look at the beauty of the place that I chose to start this new life and at this stage I want to continue creating, I am going to continue working and I would love for it to be close to you, so we have to prepare ourselves for surprises and thank you for so many messages of honey, thank you really ”, Paola Rojas is heard saying in the clip.

In the video the presenter is seen while walking on the edge of a lake and although he did not specify the exact point in which he is, it is believed that he is still on Mexican lands, since continue to create content for the N+Media channel and although it is believed that it will not be such a substantial program that he will host, his fans are expected to faithfully consume his content.



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