VIDEO | Altair Jarabo raises the temperature when leaving the shower in a towel

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Today is the day happily married to the man of her dreams, the one who gives her love, protection, empathy and even an age difference that does not suggest a problem for herOn the contrary, it is perfect for her to adapt to the married life that she always longed for next to a man who is for her in a mature and dedicated way.

This is the fairy tale that currently lives Altair Jarabo, the actress that years ago has made many fans sigh just by standing on stage or being part of a cast. With the melodramas as an example of the work he forged on television, Altair has left epic moments where his presence filled the screen and raised the temperature with some of his outfits.

That was how Jarabo showed himself, some time ago, with a scene where the bathtub and shower were left behind and she undertook the path to choose the outfit that best fit her figure. Something that you definitely should not miss if you admire her beauty.

Altair Jarabo shines in a towel

A few years younger, but looking as pretty as she is now, Altair Jarabo He made one of those soap opera scenes that leave an indelible memory. With the joy and tenderness that characterizes him, Altair went to his bedroom after taking a shower. Posed only with the towel that covered him, decided to do that female ritual to beautifywhich advanced to change fabrics and look for a better outfit.

In little clothes and choose a dress

As if it wasn’t enough to appear in towel after taking a shower, Altair sIt was shown in her first change of clothes with a subtle and tender lingerie, in pastel pink colors that go according to her personality and skin type. By this time, the sequence already paralyzed whoever looked at it, to be completed with her standing and choosing the skirt that he would wear for the occasion.

This is how the end of this television memory for Altair Jarabo, culminates with her wearing the outfit perfect for a Saturday like today, where simplicity and sensuality abound in her to conquer her followers.


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