VIDEO | Altair Jarabo falls in love leaving the pool with her two best bikinis

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Always with a huge smile to share with his friends, as much or more as the friendliness that characterizes him, that’s right Altair Jarabo when it comes to showing up to people. In the case of his audience, the one that has followed her for almost 20 years of career, Altair usually has some detail that makes a difference with them and that keeps them happy to see her.

That is why every time a character has requested it, she has not hesitated to give that extra, that effort or creation of something memorable that she knows will remain in the memory of many for a long time. It is so Altair Jarabo enjoyed the soap opera scenes where a pool and she were the perfect formula to melt the senses of thousands of fans who saw her.

Altair Jarabo, queen of the pool

If something can go well, then it must be carried out. There was a moment during the recording of a telenovela where he participated Altair Jarabo that the screenwriter and the director they had the idea that the actress perform a sequence in a pool. With this, she could conquer the heart of her crush whom she was trying, with all possible feminine weapons, to conquer at the cost of everything.

Like something that seemed unbelievable, Altair took advantage of that moment and enjoyed a good swim in the pool, something that only left a pleasant memory in each fan that I can appreciate.

With her two best bikinis

And how could it be otherwise, yes Altair Jarabo was going to swim in a pool and to get out of it to go to a lounger or reach the towel that her crush had to give her, she had to do it dressed in the best bikini that she chose. Fortunately for herself and her fans, she gave away two scenes inside the pool, which provided two bikinis to remember her and the opportunity to see her in all the magnitude of her feminine beauty.


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