Veterinary medicine advances in Yucatan

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Many diseases related to nervous system of cats and dogs, both central and peripheral, which can cause severe damage, are only resolved by neurosurgery, a highly specialized branch of the new veterinary medicine in Yucatan.

The MVZ Rafael Estrada González, director of the veterinary hospital in Yucatan UniversumK9, said in an interview with Yucatan Newsthat these procedures are performed to solve neurological problems, such as herniated discs, vertebral subluxations, partial or total paralysis, seizures and tremors, lameness of neurological origin, among others, that require advanced surgical techniques.

“More and more specialization is required to raise the surgical level of veterinary doctors. Among the diseases that require neurosurgery are herniated discs in dogs and cats. The dog breeds most predisposed to these hernias are dachshunds, beagles, French and English bulldogs, and pugs,” he explained.

He said that it is important to be aware of these breeds and if they have problems walking, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian to be able to perform a tomography or magnetic resonance imaging to be able to locate the site of the injury and decide if it will be handled conventionally or by means of a surgery.

“Depending on the case, it can be treated with medication and physiotherapy, an area that we have at the hospital. As for surgery, we have a specialized operating room, instrumentation, technology and training to perform this type of surgery.
To level Yucatan Peninsulawe are one of the few that perform this type of highly specialized surgeries”, stated Estrada González.

He added that in the case of dogs and cats that present epileptic symptoms (seizures) or cognitive syndrome problems (which is comparable to Alzheimer’s in humans), it is recommended that they go to a specialized hospital to perform the necessary imaging tests and be able to help them with these neurological problems.