Verstappen attacks the media and condemns attacks on his family

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Almost a week from the controversy that was generated with the pilots of Red Bull, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perezin the Brazilian Grand Prix 2022the Dutchman referred to what happened and criticized the way in which the media They handled the issue, in addition to condemning the attacks on his family for the same situation.

What did Max Verstappen say in an interview in Abu Dhabi?

At a press conference prior to Abu Dhabi GPthe champion of the Formula 1 He gave some details of the reason why he did not let Checo pass in interlagos.

It was because of something that happened early in the season. and I already explained it (to Red Bull) in Mexico,” Verstappen said. “The team understood and agreed. We went to Brazil and I just thought: ‘we’re just going to race, trying to get the best possible result’. Y we had a bit of a miscommunication Saturday and Sunday: nothing had been said to me about a possible trade or whatever. It was only on the last lap that I was told on the radio. They should have known my answer by now from what I said the week before,” she commented.

The Red Bull driver assures that he has always been good with the team

Likewise, Verstappen regretted what was said about him after what happened with him mexican pilot in Brazil. “But, after that race, I was very bad before the media. They didn’t have a clear picture. But to immediately go like that is pretty ridiculous to be honest.”

“Because They don’t know how I work within the team. And what the team appreciates about me. So all the stuff I’ve read is pretty nasty,” he said. “So, like I said before, it’s incredibly disappointing to also read this kind of stuff. because i know how i am. The team knows how I work with them. And I’ve always been good with the team,” she added.

‘They started attacking my family’

The dutch take the opportunity to defend his familyawhich he assured has been attacked for what happened in the last lap of the race held on the track of the José Carlos Pace Autodrome.

“Also, they began to attack my family, they threatened my sister and my mother, my girlfriend, my father…and to me, that goes too far when you don’t have the data of what’s actually going on. And that definitely has to stop. If you have a problem with me, that’s fine, but don’t go after my family because that’s just unacceptable. But, we keep going. Honestly I have a great relationship with Checo“, he commented.

Finally, Verstappen he said he was fed up with the negative things always being highlighted and people misinterpreting things.

I’m a little fed up of all this bullshit going around all the time. In how much something negative (happens), you have to highlight it. It’s pretty gross to be a part of all that when, in the end, I haven’t even done anything wrong. It’s just that people misinterpreted what was really going on,” she said.


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