Vargas Llosa speaks after his break with Isabel Preysler with a phrase that leaves no room for doubt

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Mario Vargas Llosa in Madrid.

Mario Vargas Llosa in Madrid.

The year 2022 ended with news that shook the world of coated paper: lThe breakup, announced on April Fool’s Day, between Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa after eight years of dating.

It was precisely the queen of hearts who announced in Hello!his headline media, the definitive cessation of coexistence with the Peruvian Nobel Prize, who had not spoken about what had happened until now.

“Mario and I have decided to end our relationship for good,” said Isabel Preysler. “I do not want to give any more statement and I thank friends and the media for helping us in this decision,” he said in a brief interview in which the writer’s jealousy was pointed out as the reason why the relationship ended.

Now, dressed in a dark blue cap and with a book on his lap, he wanted to talk about what happened. “I am very well,” said the author of La Fiesta del Chivo, who has confirmed that he has spent the day in Paris. He has wanted to confirm the break but not the reasons for it that have come out in the press in recent days.

“No, no… the reasons for the breakup don’t exist. It is not true, they are not true”, Vargas Llosa has sentenced in reference to the rumors about alleged jealousy that have been discussed in the press in recent days.


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