V from BTS dedicates an “I love you” to Jimin and they drive the ARMY crazy with this PHOTO

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V for BTS He continues to party, the Korean idol turned 27 in South Korea and in Mexico it is still his birthday this Friday, December 30. Through social networks, fans published various congratulatory messages, her colleagues also used the Weverse platform to leave various messages for her.

The South Korean singer is the last member of the boy band to have a birthday, as his date of birth is December 30. Besides, V for BTS It will be the first of them to stop using the Korean age, since from January 1, 2023, Korea will eliminate this tradition of adding one more year.

On social networks, some fans remembered the past birthdays of V for BTS, because his partner Jungkook prepared ramen for him on some occasion. However, they got emotional after Jimin’s post, who shared a photo together and received a cute response.

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V says I love you to Jimin from BTS and they drive the ARMY crazy

During the morning of this Wednesday and before the end BTS V’s birthday, Your partner Jimin He posted a photo together on his Instagram account, which garnered more than 8 million likes. The singer tagged the party, without writing anything else in the publication.

However, in response to your congratulations, V from BTS dedicated an “I love you” to Jimin and drove the ARMY crazy, Well, he left this comment under the image, the fans translated it immediately and were excited by their interaction, since he is one of the favorite friends within the group.

Both have proven to be very close, as they even have a song called “Friends” that portrays their friendship and their close relationship over the years.


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