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Belgian Minister Hadja Lahbib challenges FIFA and wears the “One Love” armband in front of the president of the regulator (Photo: Vincent Kalut /via Getty Images)

The minister of Foreign Relations of Belgium, Hadja Lahbib used the bracelet of the ‘One Love’ in front of the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, amidst a controversy generated by the lack of guarantees on the human rights of women and LGBTI community in Qata, in whose world Cup players were not allowed to show their support with said accessory.

In previous months, the captains of european teams they used the rainbow badge on his arm as a backrest to LGBTI communityto the inclusion and the no discrimination in the world. The World Cup Qatar 2022 occurred in a country where the homosexuality is prohibited. In this way, team captains such as Germany, Denmark and Belgiumannounced that they would use the cuff in support to the marginalized sectors; in the end they did not do so for fear of sanctions.

The authorities of the Asian territory put pressure on the FIFA so that said protests did not take place. Even, They threatened to admonish the footballer To do it. In this sense, the Belgian minister set the example and used the badge in the match between Belgium and Canada, corresponding to Group F.

An assistant referee checks the armband worn by Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer before the Qatar 2022 match against Japan. | Photo: INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images

The Postcard it happened at seats of Stadium 974 while on the pitch the match took on color. The minister explained the conversation she had with the FIFA president. “Gianni Infantino explained to me why did you decide to not allowing the One Love bracelet to be worn. According to the rules of FIFA these do not apply in the standsI took off my jacket and I presented my bracelet”, he assured.

Likewise, Eden Hazard chose to avoid reprimands or fines that would harm the football issue, so he did not wear the protest bracelet. The minister mentioned that the Belgian captain would have liked to contribute to the demand. “I know that Eden Hazard would have liked to wear the bracelet”, he added.

Photo: Vincent Kalut/Photo News via Getty Images

Photo: Vincent Kalut/Photo News via Getty Images

Similarly, the selections of England, Wales, Holland, Switzerland and those already mentioned Denmark, Germany and Belgium, They spoke to clarify the reason for taking a step back with the use of the bracelet. “FIFA has made it very clear that will impose sports sanctions if our captains wear the armbands on the field. We cannot put our players in a position where they may face sporting sanctions, including yellow cards, so we ask captains to don’t try to wear the bracelets in the worldl”, read a statement.

Photo: Vincent Kalut/Photo News via Getty Images

Photo: Vincent Kalut/Photo News via Getty Images


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