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Many challenges are shared daily on social networks, but the that you are about to meet will leave you with more than one headache due to the difficulty it has. Actually this is a math riddle of another level, but that you will have to solve in the short time of 10 seconds. So we ask you total concentration. Are you ready?

Look carefully at the image of the viral challenge. It is possible to see a star with 6 peaks and in each of them a number. But you will have to find the value that the question occupies. The numbers 17, 22, 28, 10 and 13 are appreciated. What should we do? Well, find the sequence that helps us determine which number is missing.

To increase the difficulty, you will have only 10 seconds. So don’t waste any more time and focus completely. And if at any point you give up, then don’t worry, which lines below will give you the answer.

Look here the image of the viral challenge

You must look carefully and try to determine what the missing number is.| Photo: fresherlive

Look here the solution of the viral challenge

It is very simple. All you had to do was subtract the highest number from the previous lowest. That is: 13-10=3, 17-13=4, 22-17=5, 28-22=6. If you see, there is a sequence in the results. Therefore, the value of the unknown must give us 7 when subtracting with 28, therefore the missing number is 35, since 35-28=7.

After carrying out the necessary equations, we determine that the missing number is 35.|  Photo: fresherlive

After carrying out the necessary equations, we determine that the missing number is 35.| Photo: fresherlive

What did you think of this viral challenge? Did you have problems finding the solution? If your answer is yes, we congratulate you for having pushed your way of being or thinking to the limit. And if, on the contrary, your answer was a no, calm down since like this test, there are other types of virals between challenges and challenges that will be to your liking. We invite you to continue participating by visiting the following link: , and ready. What are you waiting for?

What is a viral challenge and what are they about?

A viral challenge is an exercise that tests your cognitive abilities to perform a task. It should be noted that all the activities we carry out require the use of our cerebral functions, which implies millions of neural connections distributed throughout the cerebral lobes in order to function adequately with our environment and process information through various channels.

Currently these are seen everywhere because they are contents that fulfill the function of replacing boredom in our free time. First they explain the instructions. Most of them have a time limit and you will eventually find the solution. Usually, that is the order that you can find in different media.

How did the viral challenges originate?

The visual challenges were created in order to amuse people. They gained popularity on social networks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many users, in their eagerness to avoid contagion, stayed in their respective homes. That is where they saw viral riddles as entertainment alternatives. Today, these challenges are everywhere.

When did the viral challenge become popular?

Viral challenges are nothing new and started appearing decades ago, although it was the internet that has fueled them over the years. This type of visual tests gained great popularity through social networks as a result of the Covid-19 coronavirus health pandemic, when many people were forced to find ways to entertain themselves in their own homes. Since then, they have already become an addiction for many people.

What purpose do viral challenges serve?

Although it is the literal translation of the English word viral challengewhich is what the phenomenon in which users of social networks demonstrate their ability to risk up to exposing their own life, their health or their physical or mental conditions is called, viral challenges are nothing more than entertainment content that Adults and children can enjoy both to have fun and to exercise their minds.

What are the advantages of doing a viral challenge?

The viral challenge or the contents that have very complicated challenges make it possible to maintain and distribute attention to different sounds, process different stimuli, perform calculations or mentally represent an object.

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