US: they find more classified documents at Joe Biden’s house

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The US found confidential documents at Joe Biden’s house. Photo: AFP.

Five more pages of confidential documents They were found in a room adjacent to the garage of the US President’s family home. Joe Bidenin Wilmington (Delaware), reported this Saturday the White House.

These documents, dating from when Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States (2009 to 2017), were found after the arrival of the attorney for the presidency, Richard Sauber.

These new pages are added to others Files found at Joe Biden’s family residencewhich the White House revealed on Thursday, as well as other confidential documents found in November in a Washington office.

Why is the US investigating President Joe Biden?

US President Joe Biden is very close to a scandal of proportions like those of Donald Trump after it is revealed that they have met classified documents from his time as vice president in various private offices and in his own home.

The case, although with important differences, is reminiscent of that of former president donald trump , who is being investigated by the Department of Justice for accumulating classified documents at his Florida residence.

Some Republicans, in fact, have tried to equate both situations.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, kevin mccarthyassured that the US Congress should investigate discovery of classified Joe Biden documentswhom he also accused of using the Department of Justice to harass the former president donald trump.

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