US tests hypersonic weapons after Russian trial

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The US Army conducted a trial to test their ability to develop hypersonic weapons in the face of the growing threat from Russia, which held a series of exercises on Wednesday for its nuclear deterrent forces.

The test, carried out with “success” according to the United States forces, took place at the Wallops Flight military facility, in the state of Virginia, according to information from the CNN television network.

Thus, the Armed Forces carried out more than a dozen experiments with hypersonic weapon components to collect data to facilitate the research and development of this type of weaponry within the framework of the program shared by the United States Army and Navy.

This is the second trial carried out with a view to expand the weapons capabilities of the North American country on land and sea. The first was carried out in October 2021.

In the image, Johnny Wolfe, director of the Strategic Systems Programs. Photo: Reuters

“The launch has gone very well,” said Johnny Wolfe, director of Strategic Systems Programs. The Army is scheduled to carry out a second launch this Thursday, in addition to 13 other experiments related to the development of hypersonic missiles.

Hypersonic weapons can travel at more than 6 thousand 400 kilometers per hour, making it difficult to detect and intercept. The missiles can also maneuver and vary their altitude, allowing them to evade third-party defense systems.

The Pentagon has turned the development of these weapons in one of its main priorities, especially after the tests carried out last year by China and the recent use of this type of weapon by Russia during the invasion of Ukraine.

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