UNAM carries out highly specialized studies in the PET-CT Unit

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In the PET-CT unit of the UNAM School of Medicine are performed highly specialized studies and better cost.

Here 22 patients are treated, mainly with cancer, heart disease or infectious processes that require a tpositron emission tomography.

What does it consist of?

What we actually do is mark molecules with a radioactive material and these molecules go and fix themselves in a specific place or in a specific disease or tumor, so that we can scan it..

Miguel Angel Olarte Houses | Head of the PET-CT unit Faculty of Medicine, UNAM

The study is done with a machine that performs a deep scan.

Mainly, this study is referred to diagnose, to see how the treatment is emerging, if it is adequate or not, if it has to be modified or how the disease is progressing, mainly for cancer patients.

Pamela Loyal | PET-CT Unit Nurse, Faculty of Medicine, UNAM

Mr. Miguel Aguilar attends his punctual appointment.

I have a problem of hodgkin lymphomaIn short, the lymphatic system collapses, it is a problem of a tumor the size of a bottle that I had. The last time I came here it was already the size of a walnut..

Miguel Aguilar | cancer patient

Each case is studied by medical researchers.

As we move forward we can see structures; the lungs, for example, this would be the heart with its cardiac cavities, the liver, the stomach, the spleen, the kidneys.

Paola Moreno | Radiologist PET-CT Unit, Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM

For more information, appointments or questions, you can call the numbers:

  • 555623 2299
  • 555616 7369
  • 555623 2287
  • 555616 3666
  • 555616 4561 ext. 101 or 102

Or contact via the networks of the PET-CT Unit of the UNAM

Although the service is open to the general public, the condition is that people arrive referred by their treating physician.

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