Uber Flash offers to send Belinda’s ring to Nodal with an ad

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  • In the study “Online Consumption in Brazil” it was discovered what reasons consumers have for buying things online. delivery.

  • Belinda is one of the most influential artists in the Mexican market, due to the number of followers she has on social networks.

  • Inside of the delivery services of great weight in the market have been established in Mexico.

UberFlash scheduled an interesting outdoor campaign, where the copy creative offers Belinda to send the engagement ring she received from Christian Nodalto check the effectiveness of the new service provided by the apps.

the market of delivery has diversified into an important segment of products, which have confirmed how valuable these services are for the consumer, consolidating trends such as those identified at the time by the study “Online Consumption in Brazil”where it is noted that the main reason, at least for the 87 percent of those interviewed, is that they have more control over the expenses and the food they eat; another 84 percent said it saves time, and 78 percent said it was already part of their daily routine.

Belinda and the delivery

Given the consolidated habit of using delivery, brands in this segment such as Uberthey make strategies where they mention celebrities, as a way to generate PR opportunities and take advantage of mentions in social networks.

The action captured in outdoor advertising shows in a huge digital ad the copy in which to promote the service of UberFlashthe brand offers Belinda to send the engagement ring back to Christian Nodal.

Image: Courtesy.

The act follows this trend of copies that have established themselves in the market due to the genius with which they communicate. Previously we saw activations like the teaser campaign starring Laura, which we learned was part of the music release of Sea Rendonwith which this singer released her latest release, which consisted of a love story without a happy ending.

The action carried out by Montalvo was used by media such as JC Decaux, the famous French provider of outdoor advertising, to offer their spaces with copies that continue to exploit the trend, assuring that they hoped that the next one to be exposed in their spaces would be a brand and not an infidel

Outdoor advertising makes use of creativity and linking it with personalities has become a recurring habit for brands, as a way of transcending the message.

On previous occasions, Uber has used celebrities such as the singer Luis Miguel, to achieve with his influence as an artist to promote the food delivery service he has.

All this series of exercises have become increasingly important in the market and follow a very simple rule for the consumer, which is to generate surprise in the creative message, otherwise, the investment in advertising fails to stand out.

We saw a great example of how outdoor advertising is in the hands of good creative copy when campaigns were established that stood out for a common element in them and that is the ability of brands to understand the market in which they compete.

We saw the above when Edith Márquez turned a bad campaign in which she promoted her concerts in CDMX with billboards without their datain a genius when responding to the conversation that was generated about it.

It is important to see the scope of a good copy creative and how valuable the resources at hand become for innovation, not necessarily technological or strategic, a well-argued copy is enough.

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