Uber closes its loyalty program and ends Rewards in Mexico

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  • The CIU shows that private transportation services are some of the favorites among digital consumers, at 16.4 percent.

  • Uber reported revenue of US$302 million in Latin America from January to March 2021.

  • In this context, the Uber transportation service is gradually eliminating one of its loyalty programs and concentrating users on another that was launched last year.

At the end of this year, Uber will end its program Uber Rewards the oldest of its loyalty programs, in favor of Uber One, which provides Uber riders and Uber Eats customers with certain benefits on the company’s services for a monthly fee.

Uber customers will have until the end of August to earn points through the Uber Rewards program and will be able to redeem any remaining points until the end of October.

According to an email received by Xataka, the end of this type of service is announced as follows:

Thank you for being a part of Uber Rewards!

It was an amazing 5 star ride but the Uber Rewards program is ending soon.

To give you the best experience, you will continue to earn points and receive tier benefits through August 31, 2022.

Your points and rewards will be valid through October 31, 2022 and can be redeemed by visiting the “Account” section of the Uber and Uber Eats apps.

Thanks again for being part of our community. We look forward to doing more trips and orders with you in the future.

Private transport in numbers

To take into account the growth of companies that entered the digital world, it is worth taking into account the study of Digital Market Outlook, made by Statisticalwhere it shows that the percentage of online buyers over the total population in Mexico represented 44.2 percent during 2021, This figure is expected to continue growing over the years and will represent 57.6 percent of these by 2025.

Although an important aspect of digital commerce involves the purchase and sale of products online through the system deliveryit is also worth considering other types of opportunities that we can find in the virtual environment, such as the platforms that offer a private transport service.

According to data from The Competitive Intelligence Unitbetween the main products and services purchased via e-commerce, content platform payments lead at 22.1 percent, electronics at 17.8 percent and transportation services at 16.2 percent, among other opportunities to explore.

Also, the same study shows some of the digital transport platforms with the largest share in the Mexican marketwhere Uber leads with 80 percent preference among users, Cabify 14 percent, Didi 4 percent, Easy Taxi 1 percent and the remaining 1 percent Beat.

In this context, it was announced that the Uber Rewards loyalty program will officially close on November 1, 2022, users will continue to accumulate points and enjoy their level until August 31. From that date, they will have until October 31 to redeem their points and rewards, in the “Account” section of the Uber and Uber Eats apps.

According to Uber, nothing will replace Uber Rewards, there will be no new Uber rewards program. Nevertheless, mentions the existence of your renewed Uber One membership formerly Uber Pass, which offers many benefits such as unlimited free deliveries, free delivery orders, 5 percent discount on rides, among many others.

This step marks the company’s latest change to its Uber One program, which doesn’t include ways for riders to earn or redeem points but gives them a way to save on rides and food orders alike.

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