Two-headed tortoise celebrates its 25th birthday in Geneva

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two headed turtle
Janus, the two-headed tortoise, is named after a Roman god. | Photo: AFP.

Janus, the world’s oldest two-headed tortoisecelebrated this Saturday 25th birthday with edible flowers at the Natural History Museum in Geneva, where he lives.

Staff at the Natural History Museum in Geneva feed Janus. | Photo: AFP.

The reptile that bears the same name as the two-faced Roman god, Janus has two heads, two hearts, two sets of lungs, and two stomachs.

In the wild, its life expectancy would be extremely short, since its shell does not have enough space to retract its two heads and it would be at the mercy of any predator. Even in captivity, reaching the age of 25 with such a deformity is something exceptional, explained the director of the museum, Arnaud Maeder, at a press conference to celebrate the event in the Swiss city.

Feeding of the two-headed tortoise. | Photo: AFP.

However, this two headed turtleis cared for in the Museum, where those in charge take turns giving Janus his daily bath, his meals and for him to exercise.

Janus was born 25 years ago in the institution’s animal facilityfrom an egg loaned by an individual, who agreed to leave the tortoise there on condition that he be given good treatment.

Recently, this tortoise two-headed male greek She recently had to have surgery for a bladder stone. The unusual intervention was carried out at the Tierspital in Zurich and was the subject of a symposium.

The turtles Greeks, which usually live in Mediterranean regions, were long treated as pets but are now listed as endangered reptiles.

Its trade is highly regulated, but there is still traffic, especially in North Africa, because it is a profitable business, Maeder said.